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Do you believe in John Hughes, day-glo colors, Han shot first, new wave music, Reaganomics, lip syncing on American Bandstand, standing in line for concert ticket wristbands, Alex P. Keaton, American Top 40 long distance dedications, and the existence of music videos on MTV? Then this podcast is for you.

Join Steve Spears and Brad Williams for a weekly dose of your favorite decade - the 1980s - here at and the official Stuck in the '80s webpage!

Aug 4, 2018

Mike Hipple is the author of a new book about our decade: "80s Redux: Your Favorite Musicians Today." He joins us on this week's podcast to talk about his book and his encounters with some of the most beloved artists of our decade, including Dave Wakeling of the English Best, Cindy Wilson of the B-52s and more.

Mike is also giving away a free signed copy of his book for this week's seggie winner.

Also, always we thank our sponsors for making Stuck in the '80s happen. This week, that includes The 80s Cruise. Use the promo AUGUST for special pricing and a full year to pay it off. 

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