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Do you believe in John Hughes, day-glo colors, Han shot first, new wave music, Reaganomics, lip syncing on American Bandstand, standing in line for concert ticket wristbands, Alex P. Keaton, American Top 40 long distance dedications, and the existence of music videos on MTV? Then this podcast is for you.

Join Steve Spears and Brad Williams for a weekly dose of your favorite decade - the 1980s - here at and the official Stuck in the '80s webpage!

Jun 27, 2021

Are you tired of the most overplayed songs of the '80s? That's okay. This week's, we're doing out first "Change Up" show and picking different songs by those same bands. Plus, we through you a few more curve balls in this episode. Get ready.

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Jun 20, 2021

Were you a fan of Duran Duran all the way back to the beginning. We're betting you'd still learn a ton from music writer Annie Zaleski, who just authored a book about the band's "Rio" album. She joins the show this week to talk about her work, our shared love of Duran Duran and the reason they're not yet in the Rock and...

Jun 13, 2021

We haven't really "forgotten" the hits of 1985, but the rest of the world sure has. This week, we honor nine songs - NINE songs - that have fallen off our radar over the last few decades, including tunes by Night Ranger, Sting, Kool and the Gang, Kim Carnes, Cyndi Lauper, Paul McCartney, the Hooters and more.

Stuck in...

Jun 2, 2021

Our '80s heroes are making new music, so we listen to singles from Duran Duran, Cheap Trick, Dee Snider and Hoodoo Gurus this week. Plus, odd tales of dance lessons, Hogan's Heroes and more. 

Stuck in the '80s is sponsored by The 80s Cruise. The March 2022 voyage is sold out, but we'll still be there - along with all...