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Do you believe in John Hughes, day-glo colors, Han shot first, new wave music, Reaganomics, lip syncing on American Bandstand, standing in line for concert ticket wristbands, Alex P. Keaton, American Top 40 long distance dedications, and the existence of music videos on MTV? Then this podcast is for you.

Join Steve Spears and Brad Williams for a weekly dose of your favorite decade - the 1980s - here at and the official Stuck in the '80s webpage!

Jun 11, 2015

Steve and Brad talk about some of their favorite classic rock songs that were covered in the '80s.  We apologize for the clicks and pops in the first five minutes, Spearsy was experimenting with recording the show on vinyl.

Plus a Name That '80s Tune drum montage challenge!

CLICK HERE to listen to this week's show.

BONUS CONTENT:  Devo's 1988 Tower Records in-store (you can see Brad at around 5:20, and at a couple other places in the clip)