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Do you believe in John Hughes, day-glo colors, Han shot first, new wave music, Reaganomics, lip syncing on American Bandstand, standing in line for concert ticket wristbands, Alex P. Keaton, American Top 40 long distance dedications, and the existence of music videos on MTV? Then this podcast is for you.

Join Steve Spears and Brad Williams for a weekly dose of your favorite decade - the 1980s - here at and the official Stuck in the '80s webpage!

Oct 28, 2023

Who's ready for a primer on Australian music in the 1980s? David Sterry of Real Life shares his tales behind hits such as "Send Me An Angel" and "Catch Me I'm Falling" as he and Steve Spears chat about the upcoming voyage of The 80s Cruise. 

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Oct 22, 2023

Patty Lin has written for some of the biggest TV shows in Hollywood including "Freaks and Geeks" and "Friends." She joins us this week to talk about her book "End Credits: How I Broke Up With Hollywood." 

The Stuck in the '80s podcast is sponsored by The 80s Cruise. Join all your '80s friends on the Royal...

Oct 14, 2023

Alan Hunter and Mark Goodman still have a lot to say about the start of MTV and the early days of music television. They joined Steve and Brad on the 2022 voyage of The 80s Cruise to mark the network's 40th anniversary and to share stories about their careers and the impact MTV had on our lives.

The Stuck in the '80s...

Oct 6, 2023

38 Special ruled the FM airwaves in the '80s like only a handful of bands could. With anthems like "Hold On Loosely" and "Second Chance" bookending our decade, Don Barnes led one of the most powerful bands to ever come out of Jacksonville, Florida. He joins the Stuck in the '80s podcast this week to talk about the...