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Do you believe in John Hughes, day-glo colors, Han shot first, new wave music, Reaganomics, lip syncing on American Bandstand, standing in line for concert ticket wristbands, Alex P. Keaton, American Top 40 long distance dedications, and the existence of music videos on MTV? Then this podcast is for you.

Join Steve Spears and Brad Williams for a weekly dose of your favorite decade - the 1980s - here at and the official Stuck in the '80s webpage!

Jun 9, 2018

Summer time in the '80s meant one thing: Beaches, booze and ... books?!? Yes, for the first time ever, Stuck in the '80s has compiled a Summer Reading List. It's full of books set in or about the '80s. Plus, we have our listener picks for great books as well.

Listen to the show to find out why we like them. But we also promised people we'd list them here as well. So here you go:

Opening music: "Read a Book" by Falco 

Bonus song: "Everyday I Write the Book" by Elvis Costello

Gayle's book blog: Everyday I Write the Book Blog

Gayle's pick: "Mad World: An Oral History of New Wave Artists And Songs That Defined The 80s" by Lori Majewski and Jonathan Bernstein

Steve's pick: "World in My Eyes" by Richard Blade

Jen's pick: "Life Moves Pretty Fast: The Lessons We Learned from Eighties Movies (and Why We Don't Learn Them from Movies Anymore)" by Hadley Freeman

Brad's pick: "The Speed of Sound - Breaking the Barriers Between Music and Technology" by Thomas Dolby

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